Friday, April 23, 2010


In Japan, many many people use BlackWing deck in tournament.
It have several high ATK monsters and [Blackwheel wind] make Monsterless hand.
The answer that Why BW is popular deck in japan is, it has good stability.

But In foreign country, there are few BW in tournament!!
I don't know why BW are not popular like Japan.

by the way, I make new X-saber Deck.

The deck have 2 features.
At 1st, of course X-saver's it.
For example, It can deployment so speedy.
It is supported by [Faultroll],[Emergency Call] and [EmmersBlade].

Other is Hamster Synchro.
[Hamster] can take [Airbellum].
So, it can help X-saber's deployment!!
And another thing, X-saber's deployment use many Special summon, so they don't like [Royal Operation].
If your opponent using [Operation], set [Hamster] and revers in Damage Step by Enemy's attack.Then opponent can't active [Operation], so we set [Lightsworn hunter,Ryko]. Next turn, fliped [Ryko] and destroy [Operation]!