Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Starting Yu-Gi-Oh! blog From Japan.

Hello, Nice to meet you!

Thanks for open my blog!!

I write contents about Yu-Gi-Oh! emviroment in Japan from today.
Now, my English skill is how shame.

So this blog's aim with stadying Englsh.
Please assignment my English miss and, enjoy discussion about Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards!!

Come to the point.
In these days, I use a deck named [Angelord].
Angelord have a tow entity.

One of it is [Angel]
As soon as come in The USA.
I use this card.

In Japan Many Player using [lightsworn],[Zombie],and[Blackwing].

Cristia have strong effects.
One of it is 'Parmittion allowing special summon nether player.'
So we don't use ,,and !!

Onthe other hand, [lord] means [lightsworn] because in Japan,
[lightsown] is called [lightlord].

[lightlord] can sent many card to graveyard from deck.
Cristia's other effect is,
'This card can spesial summon when only 4 Angels in your graveyard'

So, [lightsworn] help this effect.
And it is Lukily that is angel!!

If your graveyard have 4 more Angels you use Or !

Several days after,I write my Deck recipe!!

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